MyGreenPayback is dedicated to simplifying sustainable decision making for our clients and their customers. Our software platform is designed to help brands grow brand value, market share and sales.



Choosing the right green product can translate into huge financial & environmental benefits. As green products flood the market, competing for dollars from consumers and professionals alike, deciding which to use has become difficult and even overwhelming. Sifting through mountains of data, ecolabels and certifications is tedious and time-consuming. MyGreenPayback brings simplicity and ease to this process, providing key product performance data from leading solution providers in an easy to review format.



Spend minutes rather than hours evaluating the benefits of high performance products. We believe in simplifying sustainability so that more people can understand the benefits to them, their families, their organizations and the planet as a whole. MyGreenPayback has created the simplest platform for sustainable product analysis. We have been working on these problems for over 15 years and we believe that simplification leads to more implementation. Through clean design and organization according to key categories, this tool allows users to search, compare, collect, analyze and share, critical information before specifying or buying products for their project.



The super green geeks behind MyGreenPayback like building spreadsheets and designing algorithms, and have done just that to automate hundreds of thousands of little calculations that add up to helping you decide what product or solution will best serve your needs. Our unique Project Analysis summary lets you toggle between your project impacts through any of the lenses you would like to apply for your decision making process. When you invest in high performance green products, financial and sustainability related benefits begin accruing the moment they are put to use in your life, home or building. The brands that utilize MyGreenPayback as a platform are simplifying your product research and analysis. We’re helping you save money and supporting human and planet health along the way.



Customized impact categories and calculators to suit clients needs

  • Energy-icon


    Energy saving features and performance attributes for kWh consumed and/or saved and the resulting $ savings

  • Water-icon


    Water saving features and performance attributes for gallons and the resulting $ savings

  • Lifecycle-icon


    Maintenance and operations features and performance attributes that translate into lifecycle costs and savings

  • Human-Health-icon

    Human Health

    Human health related transparency features such as: HPDs, Declare, Red List Free, etc.

  • Planet-Health-icon

    Planet Health

    Human health related transparency features and certifications such as: HPDs, Declare, Red List Free, etc.

  • Resiliency-icon


    Resilient performance attributes such as wind storm rated that provide insurance $ savings and protect property

  • CO2-icon


    Carbon impacts from both product manufacturing and/or operations in the built environment or marketplace

  • LEED-icon


    LEED credit contributions and compliance analysis and whole project calculation & documentation

  • Living-Building-icon

    Living Building Challenge

    Living Building Challenge contributions and compliance analysis and whole project calculation & documentation

  • Well-icon

    WELL Building Standard

    WELL Building Standard contributions and compliance analysis and whole project calculation & documentation

  • BIFMA-level-icon

    BIFMA level

    BIFMA level furniture sustainability standard mapping toward LEED, LBC and WELL including whole project analysis and documentation

Who can benefit from MyGreenPayback?

Clients: Manufacturers

MyGreenPayback provides our clients a simple tool to help communicate economic and environmental impacts. With millions of sustainable products being marketed world-wide, our platform helps our customers deliver better product decision making experiences to their customers. MyGreenPayback can help a wide variety of clients grow brand value, market share and sales. Our solution can be deployed to a wide variety of industries and market segments.

  • Product Manufacturers
  • Retailers/Distributors
  • Architect/Designers
  • Contractors
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Developers & Facility Managers
  • Consumer Product Brands
  • Home Builders
Users: Anyone

MyGreenPayback provides simplicity to millions of people that are looking for high performance green and sustainable products. Typically the people looking for products are surrounded with complexity and disconnected data. There are millions of commercial buildings and several billion residential dwelling units worldwide that need replacement products each day. Our platform helps users find products that will improve their lives, homes and businesses.

  • Architects/Designers
  • Engineers
  • Contractors
  • Facility Managers
  • Consumers
  • Home Owners
  • Home Builders/Remodlers

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